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5 Remodeling Trends to Add to Your Bathroom Wish List

When it comes bathroom remodeling today’s trends have never been more daring. Even the smallest bathrooms are now being made much more enticing. Once the most functional of spaces, bathrooms are now a showpiece of high-end finishes, pleasing aesthetics, and ergonomic design. If you look at portraits of five-star boutique hotels, you see what wonders can be worked in even the smallest of spaces. Regardless of the size of your space, your imagination is the only limit. Start your bathroom wish list today.

Smart storage and lighting

It used to be that a basic medicine cabinet and some dubious space under the sink were all the storage you had in a bathroom, but that is no longer the case. Bathrooms now have far more efficient and visually appealing options for cabinets, storage, and lighting. Vanity lighting and recessed strip LEDs are bringing bathrooms into the light.

Upgraded tile

Plain square tiles in white or solid colors used to be the standard in bathrooms. And, while white subway tile is still going strong, there’s no reason to settle if color is your thing.  There are endless tile choices available. Decorative patterns and accent tiles are the new standards, which can greatly influence the look and feel of your bathroom.

Cabinets with furniture appeal

Basic cabinets are out, and those with true furniture appeal are in. The choice of furniture is a great opportunity to transform a bathroom from a functional room into a place of luxury. Choose exquisite natural wood, beautiful white cabinets or let your personality shine with color.

A wealth of styles

Upgrading a bathroom is a great opportunity to go for a strong style that really stands out. The bathroom is a place to make a statement, and there is no shortage of looks in vogue. You can go with a minimalist modern look, a vintage look, or transform your bathroom into a rustic retreat.

Materials and finishes

There are some limits on materials to use in the bathroom, but not nearly as many as you think.  And, if you can’t have the real thing check out look-a-likes such as wood-look tile or vinyl plank.  Marble marble-look tiles on the walls will turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Don’t forget the accents to really make your bathroom shine.

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